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I want to give God all the glory for making the impossible possible. The Immigration gave me and my Son an exit order with an option of taking them to Court. And from all indications no one ever won such case. So I decided to call on God for a divine intervention.

Then, one of our Father-in-the-Lord (Pastor J. F. Odesola) came to visit. So I aligned myself by joining our Pastor’s Wife in the hospitality. On the day he arrived I said in my heart, let me just see this Man of God face to face and I will receive my miracle and to crown it up he ministered on the topic “Let your faith says yes” on the Sunday of his visit. I believed the word of God and the following day (Monday) the immigration called and asked me to come. I went and to the glory of God the first thing the Officer who attended to me said was ‘You are favored’ and we have decided to give you (My Son & I) a stay in Korea with so many fringe benefits attached to it. Praise the Lord – Deaconess B.