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Brother J. B.

I want to appreciate God the Giver of life for the safe delivery of my wife and thwarting the fulfillment of false prophecies. During our courtship, series of false prophecies were given. One of such was that my wife has covenanted to die during the delivery of her first child.

When she became pregnant, the Doctor in the first hospital we visited for antenatal, told us she has very huge myoma. He was scared due to it size. He told us the mother may not be able to carry the pregnancy to full term due to the huge size of the uterine fibroid. The doctor predicted high risk of complications, bleeding and premature delivery.  I sent a message to Pastor on our way home informing him of what the doctor said. Pastor called and encouraged us, made it a point of duty to pray with us on daily basis for over a month even when he was out of Korea encouraging us to trust God for what only Him can do. After 2 antenatal visits out of fear we were referred to a University Teaching Hospital. The consultant doctor assigned to her at the new hospital also said the same thing and recommended monitoring her every two weeks. Her antenatal visit continued that way but all through, God made unusual strength available to her. Never for once did she complained of any thing.

Praise works wonder! – Brother B

I want to thank God for His goodness and mercy. Of a truth He dwells in the praises of His people.
There was this document I applied for, from my Country, which was approved and issued but the Man that was to deliver the document to me started ignoring my mails and calls. We kept praying as the matter became an issue of concern considering the damages this would cause if I cannot produce the document. Thank God for the instruction from The General Overseer that we should conclude the annual fasting and praying with a ”Mega Praise”.

As we were praising God at the Mega Praise, the Lord intervened and the Man who had not picked my calls nor respond to my emails for over 4 months called me during the service. I called him after the Service he apologized to me and sent me the document. What a pleasant surprise, God answers to our praises. Hallelujah! – Brother B


I was Pregnant with my Baby and already at the end of the 2nd Trimester when I went for a routine checkup.
After the checkup the Doctor told me the Child will be mentally retarded(DS).

I was told that, should they have discover during the 1st Trimester they could have intervene medically and therefore it is too late and no longer possible.

The only option I was given was to evacuate the foetus.

I became worried. Opening up to a Sister of mine, she invited me to one of the Holy Ghost Service. During the Program Pastor was led by the Holy Spirit to pray for all the Pregnant Women in attendance without Pastor knowing my situation.
To the glory of God, God gave me Miracle 3months after. A healthy and sound Baby girl. Truly, God is good. Hallelujah! – Sis. J.

Edward's Testimony

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