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I want to appreciate God the Giver of life for the safe delivery of my wife and thwarting the fulfillment of false prophecies. During our courtship, series of false prophecies were given. One of such was that my wife has covenanted to die during the delivery of her first child.

When she became pregnant, the Doctor in the first hospital we visited for antenatal, told us she has very huge myoma. He was scared due to it size. He told us the mother may not be able to carry the pregnancy to full term due to the huge size of the uterine fibroid. The doctor predicted high risk of complications, bleeding and premature delivery.  I sent a message to Pastor on our way home informing him of what the doctor said. Pastor called and encouraged us, made it a point of duty to pray with us on daily basis for over a month even when he was out of Korea encouraging us to trust God for what only Him can do. After 2 antenatal visits out of fear we were referred to a University Teaching Hospital. The consultant doctor assigned to her at the new hospital also said the same thing and recommended monitoring her every two weeks. Her antenatal visit continued that way but all through, God made unusual strength available to her. Never for once did she complained of any thing.

Towards the time for the delivery, the doctor told us to prepare for CS as the uterine fibroid was huge, and may obstruct the free passage of the baby and subsequently leads to rupturing of the uterus which may cause heavy bleeding.

Days earlier than her EDD, Early she had a long contraction that distressed the fetus and subsequently affected his heart beat. She was rushed to the hospital and admitted immediately. Despite the long hours of contractions and monitoring over night her cervix did not dilate to the required width for natural delivery hence labor was induced. Some hours after the induction of labor, the doctor discovered the induction has put the baby under serious stress and resulted in a drastic drop in his oxygen supply and heart beat. Also, the baby have started defecating inside the Mother. At this point, the doctor recommended CS to save both the fetus and mother.

CS was successful and both mother and child came out of the Surgery room alive. Mother and Son are doing greatly. Brother J. B.