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I want to thank God for His goodness and mercy. Of a truth He dwells in the praises of His people.
There was this document I applied for, from my Country, which was approved and issued but the Man that was to deliver the document to me started ignoring my mails and calls. We kept praying as the matter became an issue of concern considering the damages this would cause if I cannot produce the document. Thank God for the instruction from The General Overseer that we should conclude the annual fasting and praying with a ”Mega Praise”.

As we were praising God at the Mega Praise, the Lord intervened and the Man who had not picked my calls nor respond to my emails for over 4 months called me during the service. I called him after the Service he apologized to me and sent me the document. What a pleasant surprise, God answers to our praises. Hallelujah! – Brother B